Banksy makes hospital happy with artwork

The anonymous artist Banksy has surprised a hospital in the British city of Southampton with an artwork: a drawing of a boy who threw a Batman and Spiderman doll in the trash. His new superhero is a nurse with a mask.


“Thank you for everything you did. I hope this brightens up the room, even if it is in black and white,” he wrote on a note to staff. The drawing is one square meter in size and hung at the reception desk of the IC department. He will stay there until autumn, after which he will be auctioned. The proceeds will go to the British health care system. Banksy artwork can make millions. Last year, more than 11 million euros were paid for a painting with chimpanzees in the British Parliament. That is why he is one of the greatest graffiti artists in the world. The director of the hospital in Southampton sees the gift as a great honor and recognition for the work of British health workers in the fight against the corona virus. It is still unknown who exactly Banksy is but even Banksy started with the graffiti alphabet letters and graffiti characters. He’s probably from Bristol.

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