New netflix series. Have a good trip: adventures in psychedelics

New Netflix series: Have a good trip: adventures in psychedelics is coming out on Netflix on May 11th.

The documentary features funny stories from many celebrities, comedians and musicians on the A-list, and amazing animations that carry these stories to life! Have a good trip explores the hallucinating pros, cons, science , history, future, pop culture effect and cosmic potential.

The film handles the unavoidable issues: Can hallucinogenics have an amazing job in treating sadness, habit, and helping us stand up to our own mortality?


Shepard Fairey : “I tell a cautionary tale of a pot brownie gone wrong… but I’m just one voice in a diverse ensemble. Whether you are for or against psychedelics may be up for debate, but the hilarity of the stories is beyond debate… check it out!”

We can’t wait!

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