About Graffid – Since 2020


The first brush with street art for David Gunderson and Jeroen van der Bos was through the enigmatic work of Banksy, an encounter that would forever change their lives. From Banksy, their journey led them to the iconic Shepard Fairey, the genius behind OBEY, and further to street art legends like Stussy, Black Le rat, AXEL VOID, and Dutch maestro KBTR. As surfing waves and skating streets became a part of their daily grind, the vibrant world of graffiti culture unfurled before them. From covert sketches in notebooks to painting walls with audacity, their passion for the art form grew boundlessly.


Graffid began as a canvas for David and Jeroen’s artistic impulses – first as an informational website shedding light on graffiti’s nuances. With over 5,000 monthly visitors diving deep into topics like finding the perfect graffiti tag name or exploring 100+ graffiti alphabets, Graffid became a beacon for street art aficionados. As the duo’s aspirations evolved, so did Graffid, metamorphosing into a streetwear brand, with every piece echoing the streets’ raw energy and art’s profound ethos.


Driven by the mantra ‘Make Art, Not War,’ Graffid’s inaugural clothing line resonates with the spirits of Banksy’s flower thrower, Keith Haring’s kinetic figures, and the contemporary verve of pop art. Each garment, a canvas. Each design, a statement. Collaborating with Champion, Graffid ensures that while the designs scream rebellion, the quality whispers luxury.


At the heart of Graffid lie three pillars:

  • Creativity: Celebrating art in its rawest, most unfiltered form.
  • Rebellion: Challenging norms, breaking boundaries, and rewriting rules.
  • Quality: Ensuring every piece of apparel meets the highest standards, akin to the art it represents.


While the clothing line is Graffid’s latest endeavor, the journey is only beginning. With plans to share their rich content across diverse social media channels and aspirations to collaborate with street artists and designers, Graffid aims to be the voice of the streets, for the streets.  



David Gunderson

David has been obsessed with graffiti since childhood. He studied styles and photographed street art in cities worldwide. Graffiti became his passion. He backpacked capturing pieces and met pioneer and emerging artists. The art still inspires his daily awe. David created Graffid to share his love of graffiti, connect with painters and fans, and showcase brilliant urban creativity.



Jeroen van der Bos

Graffiti enthusiast since childhood. Spent youth absorbed in Amsterdam’s street art, photographing, studying styles. Urban canvas spoke to his creative soul. Decades later it still electrifies him daily. As a longtime graffiti head, he created Graffid to connect with brilliant artists and fellow obsessed fans worldwide. Wants to showcase rad art, swap pics, spread the word on what’s happening out there. Let’s vibe on this creative culture!



From an informational hub to a streetwear brand, Graffid’s evolution has been nothing short of spectacular. Ready to wear your rebellion? Ready to embrace the streets’ art? Dive into our collection, or connect with us on our platforms. Graffid isn’t just a brand; it’s a revolution. Embrace it.