Black lives matter movement

Black lives matter movement


America is turned upside down after the death of 46-year-old George Floyd. The images of his violent arrest, how he died, went around the world. The cop, who had his knee on Floyd’s neck for almost 9 minutes, has been charged with manslaughter.

A wave of protests is spreading across the US, but also across the world. Against police brutality and racism. In those protests, protesters chant slogans like I can’t breathe, no justice, no peace, but most of all: Black Lives Matter.

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Take a look at these inspiring murals done all over the world:

black_lives_matter_mural_paint_on_streets_#blacklivesmatter_washington black_lives_matter_wall_art_mural_#blacklivesmatter banksy_black_lives_matter_#blacklivesmatter_artwork_streetart_graffiti George_floy_black_lives_matter_movement_belfast_i_cant_breath_my_stomach_hurts

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