Best graffiti markers 2023

The right graffiti markers can make all the difference in your artwork. With their pigmented shades and smooth application, they bring your creative vision to life. Whether you’re a seasoned graffiti artist, a hobbyist, or a student, once you’ve experienced the power of a high-quality marker, you’ll never look back.

Discover the World of Graffiti Markers

By reading this article, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the world of paint markers. Whether you’re an experienced buyer or new to the game, we’ve got you covered. Graffiti markers are more than just paint pens – they are the ultimate tool for any artist looking to elevate their work. Get ready to learn about the best graffiti markers on the market and how they can help you unleash your creativity.

Markers are a multi-purpose tool

Markers are a multi-purpose tool that is utilized in various fields, including art, design, and writing. They come in an extensive range of hues and designs, making them the ideal tool for a myriad of undertakings. One of the most critical components of markers is their nib, which has a significant influence on the outcome of a project. In this discourse, we will examine the various kinds of marker nibs and their individual characteristics to assist you in selecting the appropriate tool for your next project.

Top rated graffiti markers

Graffid’s choice

  • Krink K-55 marker is a highly rated paint marker for graffiti 
  • Has double-edged square head tip 
  • 8 basic krink color options available
  • 30ml capacity, sturdy protective cap

Best graffiti marker

  • Sakura graffiti marker is compact and eco-friendly
  • Unique twisting mechanism to keep paint fresh
  • Dries quickly and resistant to anything except alcohol
  • Comes in sets of 12 bright shades

2nd best

  • Uni Paint PX-30 is a versatile and long-lasting marker 
  • 8mm chisel tip for creating wide and skinny tags
  • Pigmented formula produces bold and vibrant colors
  • Ability to produce bold and long-lasting tags

The Best Markers for Graffiti: Reviews

1. Krink K-55 Acrylic Paint Markers



For my first pick on the list of top-rated paint markers for graffiti, I recommend the premium Krink K-55 marker. With eight basic shades to choose from, I suggest investing in all of them to have a complete set for your graffiti drawings.

What sets this marker apart from others is its double-edged square head tip, which measures 15mm wide. This allows for smooth application even on rough and wide surfaces, a feature that traditional round or bullet-shaped tips cannot offer.

Each marker holds 30ml of paint, making it a long-lasting option for frequent artists. Krink, the brand behind this product, has roots in the USA and is a trusted name in the industry.

One aspect I particularly appreciate about the K-55 marker is its sturdy protective cap. This ensures that the inner paint is protected from any external damage and won’t dry out. In my opinion, every paint marker should come with its own individual cap. Additionally, the paint formula is free of toxic solvents, making it a safe option for artists.

2. Sakura Solidified Paint Solid Marker



The Sakura graffiti marker is a game changer in the world of paint markers. The brand has managed to pack solid, permanent paint into a compact and portable marker, eliminating the need for large paint cans. The paint dries quickly and stays put on the surface, resistant to anything except alcohol-based cleaners.

What’s more, the marker features a unique twisting mechanism that keeps the paint fresh and ready to use. The solidified paint is non-washable and won’t fade like regular chalk, even with exposure to the elements. This means that artists can create with confidence, knowing their work will last.

The markers are sold in sets of 12, with a variety of bright shades to choose from. There’s even a special marker with glow-in-the-dark paint, for those who want their art to stand out at night.

In addition to being impressive, the Sakura marker is also safe and eco-friendly. It meets ASTM and ACMI anti-toxic regulations and has been certified with the AP seal, meaning it’s safe for both kids and adults.

This permanent paint marker is perfect for expressing your ideas on a variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, canvas, and concrete. It can be used indoors or outdoors, as long as the temperature falls within the normal range of 14 to 392°F.

3. Uni Paint PX-30 Marker



The Uni Paint PX-30 is a must-have tool for graffiti artists, known for its versatility and longevity. The 8mm chisel tip is what sets it apart from other markers, offering the ability to create both wide and skinny tags with ease. Additionally, the marker’s pigmented formula ensures that the color will stay vibrant and bold, making it perfect for creating eye-catching pieces. The wide range of colors available allows for greater creative expression, with the silver option being a standout choice.

 Despite this minor drawback of the odor, the Uni Paint PX-30 remains a top choice for graffiti artists due to its ability to produce bold, long-lasting tags that stand out on any surface. Overall, it is a must-have tool for anyone looking to up their graffiti game.

4. Molotow ONE4ALL Acrylic Paint Marker Set



I am impressed with the wide variety of shades available in Molotow’s product, including 6 basic colors, 6 neon colors, 6 metallic colors, 10 pastel colors, and 10 more basic colors. The variety allows for creating colorful and eye-catching graffiti paintings. Molotow offers different marker tip sizes, ranging from 1.5mm to 15mm, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for your needs.

The pigmented paint is packaged in small markers and sold in sets of 6 and 10 markers, making it a great value for less than $30.00. The paint is also highly resistant to UV radiation and weather, ensuring a high level of opacity in your artwork. The paint can be used on various surfaces, such as paper, wood, stone, instruments, Christmas decorations, and figures.

The pump markers are designed with a capillary system that keeps the paint fresh and ready-to-use, and can be refilled with the same paint. The round head tip is interchangeable among different sizes. The paint is not solvent-based, ensuring the quality of your drawings and writing on rough surfaces. The paint can be diluted with water and acetone to lighten its shade if desired.

5. Pentel White Bullet Tip Marker



The Pentel White is a compact and powerful graffiti marker with a strong bullet tip nib and is our top pick for the best bullet tip marker for graffiti. It is widely used by graffiti artists worldwide for its small size and high-pigmented solution that makes tags stand out on dark surfaces.

Its pump-action design requires the tip to be well-saturated for optimal results, so be sure to shake the marker and saturate the nib between uses. Over time, the nib will naturally widen with use, making it a great choice for writers who want bigger tags. You can also use scissors to quickly widen the nib.

In addition to its performance, the Pentel White is an affordable choice for any graffiti marker collection and can be easily refilled with paint or ink once it runs dry.

6. Markal B Paintstik Solid Paint Hobo Marker



The B Paintstik set of 6 solid paint colors is compressed into high-quality graffiti markers with large round tips, including black and white basic colors and four bright shades to inspire creativity. With a temperature range of -50°F to 150°F, it is ideal for fine art creation.

Different from other markers on the market, the B Paintstik has a large crayon-like head, producing wider and thicker lines. The tip does not need to be replaced and can be sharpened or primed for smaller lines if desired.

This paint marker from B Paintstik works well on various surfaces, including icy, wet, oily, and dry surfaces, and is resistant to weather impacts and UV radiation, ensuring your graffiti art remains intact.

I believe this marker is perfect for urban street artists as it is portable and delivers brilliant color vibrancy that will grab attention.

7. Molotow 660PI Marker



For those seeking a wide-tip marker for graffiti, the Molotow 660PI stands out as the best option. With a replaceable 15mm nib and permanent ink formula, it delivers bold and vibrant tags.

Featuring a pump action valve for tip saturation, the 660PI produces eye-catching tags that pop on smooth surfaces. However, be mindful when handling as the ink-based formula may stain if leaked. To avoid ruining clothes, store it in a plastic bag.

For those with a big and wide tagging style, the Molotow 660PI is a must-try.

8. Montana Acrylic Paint Marker



The Montana Acrylic Paint Marker is an excellent option for graffiti artists who want versatility and value. With 18 different colors to choose from, you can select the exact shades you need without having to purchase unused colors. The price of the marker is reasonable, making it a cost-effective solution for artists who want access to a wide range of colors.

One of the standout features of this marker is its waterproof acrylic paint, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The paint provides a fine level of pigment, yet remains safe due to its water-based formula. The marker is non-abrasive, making it safe to use on a variety of surfaces and with multiple types of brushes. The optimal pump system allows for precise control of the paint flow, preventing overuse.

Another notable aspect of the Montana Acrylic Paint Marker is its replaceable head tip. As paint markers are used extensively, their tips will inevitably degrade over time. With a replaceable head tip, you can continue to use the marker without having to purchase a new one. Additionally, the clear marker body allows you to see the amount of remaining paint, ensuring that you know when it’s time to refill.

Finally, it’s important to note that the Montana Acrylic Paint Marker has been deemed safe by a professional toxicologist. This means that it meets strict standards for safe art supplies, which is a major bonus for artists who want to use products that are not harmful to their health. Overall, the Montana Acrylic Paint Marker is an economical and versatile choice for graffiti artists who want to create works of art with a range of colors.

9. Penguin Art Supplies Dual Tip Paint Pens



I recently purchased the Penguin Art Supplies paint pen set, which includes 28 of the most popular markers for graffiti. The set comes in a durable zippered nylon pouch that can easily fit all the markers. I was impressed to see that instead of the typical 12 paint shades, this set has 28 pigmented colors, giving me more creative freedom. I also appreciate that the paint is non-toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

I was pleased to find that the markers have a dual tip design with a 5mm tip for bold strokes and a 3mm chisel tip for fine lines. Both tips produce permanent and long-lasting results that are resistant to weather and UV damage. The paint can be used on a variety of surfaces such as paper, ceramic, glass, canvas, stone, porcelain, metal, and wood.

I recommend this paint marker set to anyone looking for a versatile and safe graffiti tool. Whether you’re a kid decorating your notebook covers or an adult creating outdoor murals, these markers will meet your needs.

10. Grog Squeezer 10 BPI



I prefer the Grog 10mm Squeezer over the KRINK K-60 as the best budget graffiti mop, for those who still want a high-quality squeezable marker but within budget. The marker contains Grog’s signature Buff Proof Ink (BPI) and is a highly permanent graffiti marker, making it perfect for creating tags that last.

The 10mm nib is a great size, wide enough for big tags and also allows me to fit in smaller spaces. However, I have to be careful when squeezing the marker as the ink-based formula can result in serious drips if squeezed too hard. I have to squeeze it lightly for controllable drips or not squeeze it at all for no drips.

Additionally, I have to be mindful of the marker leaking as its formula is incredibly potent. I keep it in a sealed plastic bag when not in use to ensure its safety.

Overall, the Grog 10mm Squeezer is a good cost-effective option for any graffiti writer who wants to create tags that are guaranteed to last.

Types of Markers:

Markers have become a staple tool in numerous fields, from visual communication to calligraphy. Their versatility and ease of use make them a prevalent choice for numerous tasks. In this discussion, we will concentrate on the diverse types of marker tips, which can significantly impact the outcome of your project. Selecting the proper tip can make all the difference in accomplishing your desired result.

Broad Tip Markers

Broad tip markers are one of the most prevalent types of markers. As the name indicates, they have a wide tip that allows for more expansive strokes and coverage. They are often utilized for coloring and filling in large areas.
Broad tip markers are an exceptional tool for graphic designers and artists, as they allow for swift color application and coverage. However, they may not be appropriate for smaller, more detailed work. They also have a tendency to bleed through thinner paper, making them unsuitable for certain applications.

Fine Tip Markers

Fine tip markers, also known as thin or extra-fine tip markers, have a narrow and pointed tip that is ideal for small, intricate work. They are frequently used for drawing, writing, and outlining.
Fine tip markers are a prevalent choice among illustrators, designers, and architects for their accuracy and versatility. They are also a useful tool for bullet journaling and other types of journaling.

One of the disadvantages of fine tip markers is that they have a tendency to dry out more quickly than other types of markers due to their small tip size. They are also more prone to smudging if the ink is not allowed to dry completely.

Brush Tip Markers

Brush tip markers have a flexible and tapered tip that replicates the strokes of a paintbrush. They are often used for calligraphy, lettering, and coloring.
Brush tip markers are an excellent choice for artists and calligraphers for their versatility and ease of use. They can create a range of line widths, from thick to thin, depending on the pressure applied. They are also great for creating fluid and dynamic strokes.

One disadvantage of brush tip markers is that they require more practice to master than other types of markers. The flexible tip can be challenging to control initially, but with practice, they can produce beautiful and unique results.

Calligraphy Tip Markers

Calligraphy tip markers have a wide and flat tip that is ideal for creating calligraphy and lettering. They are often used for wedding invitations, certificates, and other types of formal writing.
Calligraphy tip markers are a popular choice among calligraphers and lettering enthusiasts for their ease of use and convenience. They come in a range of hues and are often available in sets.

One disadvantage of calligraphy tip markers is that they can be more expensive than other types of markers due to their specialized tip. They may also require additional practice to achieve consistent and beautiful results.

Chisel Tip Markers

Chisel tip markers have a flat and angled tip that can create both broad and narrow strokes. They are often used for coloring and shading.
Chisel tip markers are a popular choice for graphic designers and artists for their versatility. They can create both thin and thick lines, making them ideal for both fine detail work and large areas.

One disadvantage of chisel tip markers is that they can be challenging to control when creating fine details. The angled tip can also wear down quickly if used on rough or textured paper.

Bullet Tip Markers

Bullet tip markers have a pointed and rounded tip that creates a consistent line width. They are often used for writing, outlining, and coloring.

Bullet tip markers have a pointed and rounded tip that creates a consistent line width. They are often used for writing, outlining, and coloring. These markers are a popular choice for students, writers, and artists for their versatility and ease of use.

One of the advantages of bullet tip markers is their ability to produce clean and consistent lines. This makes them ideal for tasks that require precision, such as writing or outlining. Additionally, bullet tip markers are easy to use and require minimal pressure to create a line. This can be helpful for people with hand tremors or other hand conditions that make it difficult to apply pressure.

Another advantage of bullet tip markers is their affordability. Compared to other types of markers, such as brush or calligraphy markers, bullet tip markers are generally more affordable. This makes them a great choice for students or anyone on a budget.

However, there are some disadvantages to using bullet tip markers. One issue is that they may not be suitable for tasks that require a range of line widths. Because the tip is rounded and pointed, it can be difficult to create thick lines with bullet tip markers. This can be a drawback for artists or designers who require a wider range of line widths in their work.

Another disadvantage of bullet tip markers is that they can be prone to bleeding if used on thinner or more absorbent paper. This can result in smudged or uneven lines. To avoid this issue, it’s important to choose the right paper for your project and allow the ink to dry completely before adding additional layers.

Alcohol-Based Markers

Alcohol-based markers have a fast-drying ink that is permanent and smudge-proof when dry. They are often used for professional art and design work, as well as for crafts and DIY projects.
Alcohol-based markers are a popular choice among artists and designers for their vivid colors, blendability, and ability to layer and create gradients. They are also great for adding shading and depth to illustrations.

One disadvantage of alcohol-based markers is that they can be expensive compared to other types of markers. They can also have a strong odor due to the alcohol content, and the ink can bleed through some types of paper.

Gel Ink Markers

Gel ink markers have a smooth and creamy ink that is ideal for writing, drawing, and coloring. They are often used for scrapbooking, card making, and other paper crafts.
Gel ink markers are a popular choice for their vibrant and opaque colors, as well as their ability to write on dark or glossy surfaces. They also have a consistent ink flow and are less likely to smudge than other types of markers.

One disadvantage of gel ink markers is that they can take longer to dry than other types of markers, which can lead to smudging if not allowed to dry completely. They can also be more prone to skipping or clogging if not used frequently.

Whiteboard Markers

Whiteboard markers have a dry-erase ink that is designed to write on whiteboards and other non-porous surfaces. They are often used for presentations, meetings, and brainstorming sessions.
Whiteboard markers are a popular choice for their easy erasability and ability to write on smooth surfaces. They also come in a range of colors and sizes.

One disadvantage of whiteboard markers is that they can be difficult to remove if left on a whiteboard for an extended period of time. They can also dry out quickly if not capped properly, leading to unusable markers for you. 

Questions about: graffiti markers, sharpies and pens

New York City‘s subways were the first public transportation systems where graffiti began appearing. During the early 1960s, when graffiti started to appear on New York City’s streets, some artists realised that the city’s subways were an ideal place for their artwork. This meant that graffiti artists in neighbouring boroughs could easily view work from artists in other parts of New York City. Because the purpose of the game was for their tags to be seen by as many different eyes as possible, the New York Subway became the perfect medium. Graffiti was also targeted at freight trains during the 1970’s, and is still widely painted today. Usually these are easier to paint than commuter rail cars because the depots where they’re stored are often easier to access. Freights trains also cover much greater distances than passenger trains. Sometimes they go across entire countries. It means they can be viewed by other graffiti artists in other states or foreign lands, which adds to their appeal.

If you’re a graffiti artist, it’s important to have the right tools to bring your vision to life. When it comes to pens, you have a few options to choose from that are well-suited for graffiti. Spray paint cans, Sharpie permanent markers, paint markers, and marker pens with waterproof and fade-resistant ink are all commonly used by artists in the graffiti community. The best pen for you will depend on the surface you’ll be working on, your individual style, and the final result you want to achieve with your piece.

Sharpies are a popular choice among graffiti artists due to their versatility and accessibility. As a permanent marker, Sharpies offer a quick and easy way to make bold lines and vibrant colors that stand out on a variety of surfaces. Additionally, their waterproof and fade-resistant ink makes them a durable option for outdoor graffiti work. While other markers may be more suitable for certain applications, Sharpies are a solid choice for many graffiti artists.

Taggers, who often focus on creating simple, quickly executed graffiti, frequently use markers that are easy to carry and can produce bold, clear lines. Spray paint cans, Sharpie permanent markers, and marker pens with waterproof and fade-resistant ink are popular options among taggers. The choice of marker can depend on the tagger’s personal preference, the surface they are tagging, and the desired look of the tag. However, it’s important to note that graffiti, including tagging, is illegal in many places and can result in fines or legal consequences.

When it comes to marking on rough surfaces, graffiti artists need markers that can produce bold, visible lines. Paint markers, with their paint-like consistency, tend to be a good choice for marking on rough surfaces as they can create bold, opaque lines that stand out. Spray paint cans can also work well on rough surfaces, providing a more vibrant and wider color range than markers. Marker pens with waterproof and fade-resistant ink may also be a suitable choice, though they may not provide the same level of boldness as paint markers or spray paint. Ultimately, the best marker for rough surfaces will depend on the desired outcome and the artist’s personal preference.

For graffiti that needs to withstand the elements and last longer, artists often choose markers that have waterproof and fade-resistant ink. Sharpie permanent markers, paint markers, and marker pens with waterproof and fade-resistant ink are all options that can provide longer-lasting marks that don’t wash off easily. It’s important to note that no marker is completely immune to fading or washing off, and the durability of the mark will also depend on the surface being marked and the environmental conditions it’s exposed to. However, markers with waterproof and fade-resistant ink are a good choice for graffiti that needs to endure over time.

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