Graffiti against the war on Ukraine


Several graffiti artists from around the wold saw that works of art were sprayed all over the world against the war in Ukraine. The collective Graffiti community decided to organize a graffiti jam in order to support the Ukrainians.

A ‘Jam’ is a spraying session in which several graffiti artists paint a piece of wall. The Urban Art Studio was inspired by the worldwide message that artists give against the war.
In the graffiti tunnel on the Boerhaavepad in Meerzicht, eight artists made their ‘statement’ against the war. These artists work under stage names, such as Maedist, Maestro, Sterk and Juk. All the works they made in the tunnel had the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

The photos are now going viral online. The message is clear; ‘never war again’. In one corner is the text: ‘No more war, anywhere, ever again’. Striking is the image of a face that at first glance looks like Putin, but if you look closely also has Hitler’s mustache and hair. The text next to it speaks for itself: ‘Dear Putin, later we will speed up time to the moment when you take your own life in a bunker (loosely translated)’. The point is made.

Graffiti about the war in Ukraine

What is going on in the world right now, no one would have dared to imagine. It has an impact on every individual. Everyone processes these events in their own way. Some do this through art.

For example, there are various pieces of graffiti around the world. One as an expression of support and the other puts the finger on the sore spot. In any case, it is impressive.

 Look and behold:


Source: Bored Panda
Image: Bored Panda, Instagram @kawuart

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