Graffiti art prints for sale

Street art is a movement born out of 1970s graffiti boom in New York. Graffiti and Street Art has evolved from mainly textual graffiti in public spaces to a conceptual visual art Today. From graffiti characters to graffiti alphabet examples

It includes many forms and character techniques. Street art artists are initially street artists who create in public spaces, often illegally and with a view to rebel against the status quo and the government. Artists have often created socially engaging street art that denounces political or social situations. This is why it’s frowned upon by governmental institutions. 

For this reason, tags and street art in general have long been perceived as pure vandalism. However, with time, this vision has evolved and street art has been more and more accepted by the art world. Many street art artists have made the transition, exhibiting their street art paintings in museums and galleries and as murals in cities all over the world.

Today, Street art painting is a much appreciated and admired movement, because of the freedom that it celebrates and the vast creativity that it demonstrates on both the streets as in art prints. Many famous street art artists such as Shepard Fairey, Banksy and others exhibit all over the world and are in high demand with collectors. Graffid brings together a number of emerging street art artists who offer a committed and innovative street art style.