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The graffiti hats and beanies models used

Until the 1960s, the hat was part of the standard man’s wardrobe. After a little break from hat fashion, the headgear has found its way back to the man’s head – in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

it is not only men’s hats, but also men’s caps and hats, which adorn everyday outfits and nowadays serve as stylish fashion accessories. And it is no longer just a cap that stands for a casual look, but can also be a Pork Pie or a Bucket Hat. You can endlessly combine.

Graffiti caps

Reputable brands: Stussy, Obey, Levi’s

The most popular graffiti cap for men with an elegant style is the classic cap or flat cap.

Available as a fairly flat, or the head next rounder model, with more or less visible peak, or in a more striking shape as Newsboy Cap or Gatsby Cap. Traditionally, a flat cap is made of wool, corduroy or tweed and has a stylish checkered or herringbone pattern.

With sporty and modern, casual clothing, the Beanie is definitely a trend. There are many different variants – from a thin long, oversized beanie to a solid turn-up hat.

Graffiti men’s caps

Reputable Brands: Brands: The North Face, Rip Curl, New Era, Quiksilver

When we talk about popular headwear, we can’t ignore the baseball cap. Made famous by American baseball, this cap usually has a curved brim (‘Curved Brim’) and an adjustable closure. With a press stud closure it is called a Snapback and with a metal buckle or Velcro closure it is called a Strapback.

There is also a summer favorite among the caps: Trucker Caps have air-permeable mesh on the back and are therefore also called ‘Mesh Caps’. Often they are two-colored, the mesh part has a different color.

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