What is a black book in graffiti?


Graffiti culture has a long and storied history, and within that culture, the concept of a “black book” holds a special significance. A black book is essentially a graffiti artist’s sketchbook, a place where they can practice their craft and develop new ideas.

But a black book is more than just a sketchbook. It’s also a place where graffiti artists can collect and showcase their work, as well as the work of their peers. In this way, a black book serves as a sort of portfolio, a way for artists to demonstrate their skills and style to others in the graffiti community.


Black books are typically small and portable, making it easy for graffiti artists to carry them with them wherever they go. This allows artists to work on their craft whenever inspiration strikes, whether they’re at home, out on the streets, or on the go.

The concept of a black book has evolved over time, and in the digital age, many graffiti artists now keep digital versions of their black books on their phones or tablets. These digital black books allow artists to easily share their work with others and access it from anywhere.

In summary, a black book is an essential tool for any graffiti artist. It’s a place to practice and develop new ideas, as well as a way to showcase their skills and style to others in the graffiti community. Whether in physical or digital form, a black book is an invaluable resource for any graffiti artist looking to hone their craft and make their mark on the world.