My name is Bob and I have been fascinated with graffiti art for as long as I can remember. Growing up in a major city, I was surrounded by incredible street art everywhere I looked. The vibrant colors, bold styles, and creative designs drew me in. As a teenager, I started photographing the graffiti in my neighborhood, studying the different artists and how their work evolved over time. After college, I backpacked through Europe and was blown away by the graffiti scene overseas. From the intricate murals in Berlin to the tongue-in-cheek street art across London, it was an eye-opening experience. When I returned home, I was inspired to learn more about graffiti culture and the talented artists behind it. Over the past couple of years, I have researched the history of graffiti, connected with artists across the globe, and documented thousands of stunning graffiti pieces. I’ve interviewed pioneers of the art form as well as up-and-coming painters. My passion has also led me to pick up the spray can myself. Though I’m still honing my skills, creating graffiti has given me a deeper appreciation for the creativity and vision of this dynamic art form. As graffiti continues to evolve and move into the mainstream, I’m committed to being an advocate. That’s why I created Graffid - to showcase brilliant graffiti, discover new artists, and inspire fellow graffiti fanatics. With my extensive knowledge and connections in the urban art world, I’m thrilled to share the artists and trends shaping graffiti today. Let’s explore this captivating art form together!